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About Clambrace

Clambrace: The smart and simple way to defeat corrosion and support your pipeline systems


We are Clambrace. We love pipes and hate corrosion. We operate based on simple principles. We keep it smart and simple because our total focus is on our core business: pipe support. We support, we guide, we protect, and we embrace pipeline systems. Corrosion is our nemesis, and flexibility is our higher purpose. That is why we embrace the principle of clamping. Clamped pipe guide systems are, in our modest opinion, the very best answer to corrosion.


Corrosion is the nemesis of pipeline systems. And, therefore, our nemesis. Corrosion can never be prevented, but it can be controlled according smart and simple principles. The bottom line is that clamping prevents corrosion better than welding. Better than drilling. Better than any other form of pipe support that’s currently available on the market. Clambrace is one hundred percent specialized in clamped pipe guide systems. Don’t drill. Don’t weld. Embrace.

Problems of

Clambrace was born out of frustration, right in the centre of the Amsterdam- Rotterdam Antwerp region. The beating heart of the European chemical industry with many pipeline systems forming the aorta of industry and trading. The frustration was caused by corrosion affecting that aorta and weakening the heart. Corrosion causes downtime, as well as financial and operational losses. Clambrace prevents corrosion and downtime. Clambrace saves you time and money. Embrace those principles.

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Austria, Australia,
Belgium, Denmark,
France, Germany,
the Netherlands, Paraguay,
Spain, United Kingdom.

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Our end users are convinced of our concept and sustainable vision due to the experience they have gained, we embrace the possibilities and usage of the Clambrace solutions as the main solution to prevent corrosion. We are ready to make the world of pipeline-systems more sustainable to conquer costly corrosion. To realize this, we are looking for a local partner and point of contact for the end user.