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Clamping instead of welding or drilling

Clambrace was born from the need to address a challenging industrial problem: corrosion of pipeline systems. This challenge, which causes significant financial and operational losses, required a new approach that goes beyond traditional methods such as welding and drilling guides and lift-off restraints. Clambrace presents a thoughtful solution to this problem.

Our approach is fundamentally different from conventional methods. By using an advanced clamping mechanism, Clambrace effectively tackles corrosion without affecting the integrity of the pipeline system. This method significantly reduces the need for regular maintenance and reduces downtime, leading to improved operational efficiency.

The flexibility of Clambrace’s systems, unmatched by traditional methods, allows companies to quickly adapt to changing circumstances. The simplicity of installation and the ability to make quick adjustments without specialized knowledge or tools simplifies implementation processes and reduces costs.

This strategy results in significant long-term financial benefits. By reducing labor costs and the need for specialized equipment, Clambrace helps reduce the total cost of ownership of pipeline systems. Our approach, based on the principle of ’embrace and ventilate rather than invasively attach’, lays a solid foundation for sustainability, safety and efficiency within the sector.

We invite you to get acquainted with this innovative solution and see how Clambrace contributes to the future of pipeline systems. Visit our website to learn more about transforming operational efficiency and our contribution to a more sustainable industry.

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Innovation is at the heart of Clambrace's mission to make industrial pipeline systems more sustainable and reliable. As the global market leader in clamped pipe guidance systems, Clambrace has taken a significant step forward in the fight against corrosion, an ongoing challenge in the (petro)chemical and power generation industries. This breakthrough stems from our core value: embracing innovation to provide applicable solutions that really make a difference.

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