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Say goodbye to corrosion with Clambrace: Prevent downtime and save time and money!

Fight corrosion.
Prevent downtime.
Stay agile.
Save money.

Clambrace was born out of frustration, right in the centre of the Amsterdam- Rotterdam Antwerp region. The beating heart of the European chemical industry with many pipeline systems forming the aorta of industry and trading. The frustration was caused by corrosion affecting that aorta and weakening the heart. Corrosion causes downtime, as well as financial and operational losses. Clambrace prevents corrosion and downtime. Clambrace saves you time and money. Embrace those principles.


Clambrace is more flexible than any other pipe support product. Many times more agile than old-fashioned welding and drilling. Because what you embrace, can also be released. A clamp is quickly tightened but also loosened with a simple wrench. Anyone with a strong pair of hands can work with Clambrace. You don’t have to weld. You don’t need qualified welders and special permits. You don’t create sparks or heat. You are more flexible and never wasting time. Embrace those gains.


Choose Clambrace for reliable, high-quality pipe support solutions that prevent corrosion, reduce downtime, and keep your operations running smoothly.

Embracing Countries

Austria, Australia,
Belgium, Denmark,
France, Germany,
the Netherlands, Paraguay,
Spain, United Kingdom.

4 minutes, 53 seconds

Average fastening time per clamp set


installed clamp sets/
clamp configurations

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We embrace the principle of clamping and believe one hundred percent in our product’s quality. We are here to prevent corrosion and keep industries running. With the best materials, the best people, and the best service. We blindly trust the quality of our products and so should you. That is why all Clambrace products come with a standard two-year warranty.
Embrace quality.