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Type 10-C-Clamps

Pipe clamps are an essential part of any piping system and water is one of the most corrosive elements to metal piping. Without proper ventilation, the water will cause corrosion between the pipe and clamp, leading to significant damage. Sustainable hanging piping support with ventilation is the most sustainable and essential way to prevent this from happening.

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Clambrace has developed a sustainable C-Clamp™ pipe support that is specially designed for 15” - 32” range of piping. The C-Clamp™ supported Pipe shoe is the best way to minimize corrosion and damage to the existing piping system. The C-Clamp™ allows ventilation around the clamp and prevents water from getting trapped between the pipe and the clamp.


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    of Clambrace

    4 minutes, 53 seconds

    Average fastening time per clamp set

    21,6 kg less weight

    on tools

    55% savings

    per kilometer