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22H5B C-Bar

Want to stop rust without drilling in beams? C-bar™ combined with C-bolt™ is the perfect anti-corrosion pipe support. C-bar™ material is a half round durable thermoplastic. Why half round? The contact between pipe and C-Bar™ is minimal, water doesn’t get trapped and minimizes corrosion. C-Bar™ also isolates the pipe electrically from steel structures and prevents galvanic corrosion.

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For higher loads than given in the catalogue, up to 3 C-Bars can be used (if beam is wide enough – to be checked) In order to avoid corrosion between the pipe and U-bolt on the long term, the C-Bolt™ has been designed. A Polyolefin protection jacket is shrunk over the U-bolt. The jacket provides a barrier with high compressive strength and is extremely resistant against abrasion. The C-Bolt™ can be used in harsh environments while it is UV resistant and works from -55°C up to +110°C. Save your pipes and beams!


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